Community Leadership

Ten Years and Counting!

As flagship facility of The Community Foundation, The Family Center has embodied the work of the Foundation for 10 years. The idea came about in planning for the Foundation’s 10th Anniversary as a result of listening to the needs of our community. As stewards of our donors’ dollars, careful planning and collaboration with RCM Architects took place over the next few years before the doors opened to the campus in 2006. We are proud of what The Family Center started as, and what it has become. Currently home to 13 thriving nonprofit agencies, it is a place of empathy, healing and commitment to the people of our community.

We understand The Family Center is not the answer to all the community’s problems, but we are proud to offer many resources under one roof to continue moving our town in the right direction. With the vision and foresight of our board, staff and partner nonprofits, we believe The Family Center will be a cornerstone of the community for decades to come.


When The Family Center opened in 2006, we knew there was a strong need for a facility like this in our community. With the economic downturn that began in 2007, the demand on The Family Center agencies increased dramatically. If these agencies were not located under one roof, their capacity to serve would be significantly diminished.

The floods of August 2007 and February 2008, and the Derecho of 2012 also highlighted what an asset The Family Center is in our community. Nearly every Family Center agency played a role in the recovery efforts those three years. Nine of the 13 agencies located at The Family Center would have been directly impacted by the flood waters had they remained in their previous locations.

Because of The Family Center, these agencies were able to immediately start helping with emergency aid and recovery efforts.

Multi-Agency Resource Center

After the floods and the Derecho, it was quickly realized The Family Center had become a vital asset to recovery in Hancock County. In partnership with the American Red Cross, the Center became one of Hancock County’s Multi-Agency Resource Centers in case of a disaster. A large generator was added to the building to keep power on in case of a disaster so the agencies doing vital work in our community may proceed without interruption.