What Is The Family Center?

The mission of The Family Center is to honor the human dignity of those in need of assistance by facilitating collaboration among agencies and increasing awareness of the basic human needs of our neighbors in Hancock County.

The Family Center is a multi-tenant nonprofit center located at 1800 N. Blanchard Street in Findlay, Ohio. The facility is owned and operated by The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. The Family Center houses a wide array of nonprofit organizations and offers them mission-enhancing workplace at a reasonable rent that is efficient, well-maintained, and secure. For their clients, it provides a safe, centrally-located place where needs are met, solutions to problems are sought, and hope is restored. The Family Center is unique, one of only a few hundred similar facilities nationwide.

Goals of The Family Center include:

  1. To honor the human dignity of those needing assistance.
  2. To facilitate collaboration among agencies in providing services that will change lives.
  3. To improve the infrastructure of nonprofit agencies in Hancock County.
  4. To increase community awareness that we have neighbors who need assistance to meet their most basic human needs.

Benefits of the Family Center

Nonprofits are often relegated to space available, not what space best furthers their mission. At The Family Center, agencies rent safe and clean space in a central location.

Increasingly high rent costs make it difficult for nonprofits to maintain adequate facilities to house their staff and provide their services. The Family Center offers affordable opportunities for local nonprofit agencies. Overhead expenses are also reduced through shared facilities such as conference rooms, waiting rooms, kitchen facilities, restrooms, mechanical and storage facilities, and parking.

Location and Visibility
In a large suburban community with significant sprawl and little public transportation, it was nearly impossible for many of our neighbors to visit social service agencies scattered across Findlay. The Family Center has created a centralized location for many agencies and their clients have learned that they can often share rides to the single location where multiple services are located under one roof. The Family Center has also increased public awareness of need in our community and enhanced efforts by tenant agencies to raise the money needed to support their missions.

Integrated Services
The Family Center facilitates integrated services for visitors in need. Consider, for example, one client of Cancer Patient Services who needed dental clearance before she could begin chemotherapy. Cancer Patient Services got her quickly into the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio with a voucher for service paid for by Associated Charities. This kind of integrated care happens often and is made possible by the proximity and interconnectedness of the Family Center agencies to each other. Prior to creation of the Family Center, many of our tenant agencies were unfamiliar with what services other agencies offered. Now, they are able to work together as partner agencies to best assist local people in need.